December 2014

A Child is Born


November 2014

Beware! False Teachers!

Deacons Part b

Deacons Part a

Office of Bishop

Sixteen Qualifications for Elders                                      9.  Not Violent 1.  Blameless 2.  Husband of one wife                                                     10. Not greedy for money 3.  Temperate                                                                       11.  Gentle 4.  Sober minded                                                                 12. Not Quarrelsome 5.  Good Behavior                                                                13. Not covetous 6.  Hospitable                                                                       14. Rules his own house well 7.  Able to teach                                                                    15.  not a novice 8.  Not give to […]

October 2014

Eternity Smoking Part b

Eternity Smoking Part a

The Beloved of God Part b

The Beloved of God Part a